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Alexander Carson



Alexander Carson is a neoclassical, downtempo, composer and songwriter based in London UK.  Carson spent the better part of 7 years as the lead singer, and songwriter for genre-fluid quintet Wooden Arms.

"It rings very true to me...Very sad, and very beautiful." - Guy Garvey (Elbow) BBC6 Music

““Lovers” is a perfect blend of modern songwriting and classical musicianship.” - Line of Best Fit

“Sounding at times like an Irish prayer and others a bit Bowie-ish, but never dull or less challenging.” - Where the Music Meets

“The fragile vocals and piano playing are unmistakably Alex – a distinctive timbre and delicate working of the keys that always reminds slightly of Anthony and the Johnsons” - Outline Magazine



Live dates

AC tour April 2019



We lie in beds

Your exhale so soft

And we will divide under Harvest moons

Delicate plants on the ledges aloft

Under the bluest of skies will bloom

Exhausting our hearts to their last desire

We are two halves of a whole

Reflecting the two fold light of our fires

Across the twin mirrors of our two souls


And it is death that consoles you

And yet causes our lives to live

It’s the goal of this life and the hope of the sole ray

And gives us the strength to the end of the day.


And all through the tempest

The Frost and the snows

It’s the shimmering light on a black sky line it’s the crack in our hearts on heavens faultline.

It’s the fame of the gods

It’s the curse of the poor

And to the unknown heavens

It’s a wide open door


I Forgot more
Then I ever knew
Feet through the floor
Into a darkened room

Forgotten Light, Forever Now
Forgotten Light, Forever Now

I died before you got to see me
A particle of light so infinitely less worthy
So don’t look too close you’ll soon forget me
Don’t look too close you’ll soon forget me

Forgotten Light is Forever Now
Forgotten Light is Forever Now
Forgotten Light is Forever Now
Forgotten Light is Forever Now


Gaunt and Frail

Hands that haven’t grown

Are white knuckle on handle rail

You’re surrounded but alone

Taught and Told

Your slight unweighted frame

Nestled in hospitals alabaster silent wings

The softest melody oh the silence sings.

How’s the weather in here?

Does it rain in Ward B?

And the less said about the food the better

But at least you’re talking to me

So colour it in

Never talk it out

Write it down

Try to spit it out

You’re too young to understand it

Oh but yet you feel it anyway

You reach out

Feeling the space

You’re a phantom limb

A peculiar ache

I am a stranger

I wish you knew more

And you are flesh and blood

And I have never loved you more


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